Happy Holidays

Follow these tips for a healthy and lean Christmas!

It is frightening how many pounds we put on when the Holiday season is coming up. The holidays are all about spending time with our loved ones, but there is no need to end up like a christmas ball!

Follow these tips and you will look as good or better for this upcoming year <3.

Make a smarter shopping list

Try to buy more of the healthy foods when you go shopping this holiday. Choose the fresh ones and cut back on the preserves.

Healthier appetizers and desserts

Choose nutritious ingredients when preparing these meals. Instead of chocolate cakes, prepare an apple pie instead. Rather than baking creamy truffles, opt for fruit salads.

Trim off
the extras

This holiday season, there will be strawberries dipped in chocolate, gravy on chicken, whipped cream on desserts, butter on your breads, which means more calories. Shave some of those extras by adding just a small amount.

Be a snob with alcoholic beverages

If you dont want to increase pounds this season, switch to red wine (1 - 2 glasses) or non-alcoholic beverages instead.

Skip the
fatty meals

If you want to taste all the foods laid on the buffet table, try to eat a little of everything. Just make sure to keep an eye on the fatty ones and choose rather the vegetable salads and fresh fruits.

Eat more nuts!

Nuts are rich in selenium which improves mood and reduces anxiety. Eat only one handful a day!. Chestnuts are very famous during Christmas, these are very high in fiber and come mainly from carbohydrates, low in calories compared to other nuts! (4 pieces = 80 calories).

These holidays have a nutritionist in your pocket!

Track the food you eat, get guidance from a Registered Nutritionist Dietitian (yes, a real person!), visualize your eating patterns and behavior.

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